Welcome to New Image :
New Image Photographics began in 1974 as a group of travelling child and family portrait photographers, specialising in servicing remote Australian locations.
Today, New Image operates a network of permanent and mobile studios. The company covers all of Australia and New Zealand and has expanded its photographic portrait services to include most types of people, pet and glamour photography.
New Image is Australian-owned and operated, employing more than 200 people throughout Australia and New Zealand. It is one of the largest producers of personal portraits in Australia.
We aim to provide customers with friendly and responsive service and quality products that represent genuine value for money.
To produce a consistently high quality product at a competitive price we maintain the highest standards of professionalism and integrity throughout the company's operations.
We also process all photographs in-house in our extensive laboratories in Brisbane and continually invest in our people and product through rigorous and ongoing training and research and development.
One of the main contributors to the company's success was our development and patenting of a digital portrait camera and computer system for instant proofing in 1987.
As digital photography has matured, we have now incorporated high quality digital photographic processes into our operations to provide clients with a new photographic product that melds with communication needs, without sacrificing image quality.
This new digital photography division is providing services for kindergartens, preschools, schools, sporting groups and teams, events and graduation ceremonies.
As we progress through the 'Information Age', New Image Photographics will continue to provide superlative customer service and consumer driven products of the highest calibre through its ongoing commitment to stay at the cutting edge of image technology, business practices and customer service.

Contact us : 1800 777 443 | Phone: (07) 3391 2423 | E-mail: admin@newimagephotos.com.au