I would like my child to be photographed in fancy dress/good clothes. Do I need to bring his/her own fancy dress/good clothes?
Yes. Bring along any special clothes, accessories or props as we have a limited selection available for children.

How many poses does a photographer shoot?
The photographer usually shoots three different looks. For a glamour portrait he or she normally shoots up to 24 shots. For a child photographed alone, the photographer shoots 7 shots per look.

How long will the photo shoot take?
Allow 20 to 30 minutes for a single child's session and up to two hours for a full glamour make-over and session.

When will I receive my portraits?
After full payment is received, you can expect them to arrive in about 21 working days.

How many people can you photograph at one time?
We can accommodate about 20 people in a group shot, depending on their age and size.

What's the difference between normal make-up and photographic make-up?
As photographic make-up is thicker and denser, it will look oily when we apply it to your skin, due to its high oil and wax content. We will remove this make-up when your session is over.

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