Glamour :
We believe that stunning glamour portraits should depict the subject's sense of style and confidence. Our photographers ensure the final images capture these qualities as they develop a genuine rapport with their client during a photographic session.

For effective glamour photography, the client's pose, body position and facial expression should be strong and direct. Many clients are often pleasantly surprised by the personal confidence and allure revealed in their finished portraits.

Make up :
A professional make-up artist will apply special photographic make-up for your shoot. It is not designed for daytime use and will be removed after your session. We suggest you come along to your shoot without make-up, preferably with clean skin and with no moisturiser. Mascara in particular, can cause irritation, when we re-apply the special studio make-up. Please tell us if you have any sensitivities/allergies to make-up.

Photography :
Many people have never posed for a professional photographer before. Our glamour team, including the photographer, are expert at making you feel at ease and relaxed, so you can enjoy your photo shoot.

Hair :
We all know how long it takes to style hair well. Before your session, wash and dry your hair but don't use any styling products such as gel, mousse, wax, creme or hairspray. We won't cut or wash your hair during the session but will style and mousse it to create a look that will turn heads. The style will not be too drastic and we can re-style your hair when you're ready to leave so you look the same as when you came in, if you like.

Clothes :
As we mainly photograph head and shoulders, bring a selection of your favourite clothes, especially garments with an interesting neckline.

Don't forget your favourite jewellery, including earrings. We have a selection of props but if you have something unusual or that you'd like featured, bring it with you. If you are having a business or corporate portrait taken, bring a selection of business attire.

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