Maternity and Madonna :
Full Bloom (pregnancy) and New Mother Portraits

Many women feel extremely beautiful during the last trimester of pregnancy. Their skin glows and they are happy and relaxed, awaiting the imminent birth of their child.

You can capture the beauty of your pregnancy in a stylish, feminine Full Bloom portrait.

There is nothing more enduring than a new mother's love for her baby. With a New Mother Portrait we can show the tenderness, protectiveness and nurturing that new mothers feel for their newborns. These images are stunning, beautiful and timeless. They will be treasured forever, particularly as babies grow so fast in their first year.

With New Image Photographics digital camera system, you can see each pose after it's shot. You can reject and select until you have portraits that you are happy with. In this way, you can be assured of portraits that are to your liking and order on the day of your photography session.

You won't need to waste time worrying about proofs, especially when you'll have a very special little person to think about.

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