Mobile Units :
Regional and Remote Services
New Image's Travelling Division employs mobile photographic teams to bring professional portrait and make-over photography services to people throughout regional and remote areas of Australia and New Zealand.

Our teams regularly visit, set up and work in temporary studios in many regional towns and rural and remote centres where we have no permanent studios.

To find out when a New Image mobile photographic team will be visiting your area, call our marketing department on:
(07) 3391 2423 or toll free 1800 814 877 (Aust.) or 0800 444 518 (NZ) E-mail Address:

Host Your Own Promotion
We run successful promotions in partnership with beauty and hairdressing salons, organisations wanting to fundraise, and people who hold parties to make some extra money for themselves and have fun (party plan).

We provide and set up a temporary studio in your area. All you have to do is arrange a number of interested clients and you receive the commission. We'll also make it easy to run by providing promotional material and booking sheets.

If you'd like to reward customers, raise money and have fun, ring New Image marketing on the numbers above to set a date.

Contact us : 1800 777 443 | Phone: (07) 3391 2423 | E-mail: