Photo Restoration :
Restoration of Old Photos
Do you have an old photo that is damaged or faded or need copies?
If you can find the negative, you'll have a better quality print.
If not, New Image can reproduce your original and make copies or quality reproductions.
We can enlarge the reproductions to almost any size, depending on the quality of the original or copy.
New Image can also mount and frame your restored photo using our extensive range of framing materials sourced from the world's best manufacturers.

Computer Enhancement
We can reproduce old photos in colour, black and white, sepia (brownish, aged tint) and a full range of tones.

Photographs can be enhanced using computers to:
  • Remove backgrounds
  • Lift individuals from groups
  • Collate and combine people from multiple photos
  • Remove 'red eye'
  • Superimpose text over photos
  • Remove marks caused by mould, spills or water damage
  • Remove cracks and tears and general damage

If there's a special photo you've been wanting to fix, transform it with New Image.

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