Preparing for a PhotoShoot :
We take you step by step through a New Image glamour make-over session…

  • Arriving for your two hours of pampering
  • Making you comfortable and relaxed in a chair with a glass of wine or cup of tea or coffee
  • Styling your hair so it looks elegant and alluring
  • Removing any make-up you may wear in and cleansing the skin
  • Skilfully applying photographic make-up to create alluring facial features and seductive eyes for the camera
  • Posing for the cameras
  • Different pose for the camera
  • Checking the results on the instant proofing colour monitor
  • Finding out about the special discounts and package details
  • Discussing your selection and ordering through your photographer
We'll ensure the looks you present to the camera are striking and alluring and you'll look better than ever. You'll find it hard to stop smiling when you see the results on our instant proofing system.

All portraits are guaranteed. Your photographer will shoot up to three combinations of shots with you wearing different attire for your session. Feel free to bring along any special items from your own wardrobe, jewellery collection or accessories. You won't need to pose as our experienced photographer will tell you exactly what to do from how to position your hands to moving your head or eyes. The New Image team of photographer and hair and make-up artist work seamlessly with you to ensure not just memorable images but an enjoyable and relaxing make-over experience.

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